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TechTech TV – First Anniversary!

One year ago today the very first TechTech TV video went up on YouTube. It was a tutorial for Microsoft Word for iPad. Being the first video I’d actually produced like this for YouTube, I don’t think it’s very good, yet it remains the most popular video on the channel to date. Since then, I’ve covered a wide variety of things from lightbulbs to the latest iPhone. It’s been a huge amount of fun along the way and nice chatting to the many people who have commented on the videos.

Recently, the channel has committed to releasing a new video every Saturday and Sunday at 6pm (GMT). Most content produced now is in 4K too. It’s an enormous challenge, but one that should help the channel grow even further. More recently, this website was launched providing viewers with an alternative platform to view our content plus some other bits such as the blog and things that can’t go into a video for example, camera samples.

One year in, the channel has gained over 300 subscribers and over 120,000 channel views. It’s not a bad start, but I hope the second year will bring even more success. Thanks to everyone who has watched, liked, subscribed, commented and followed us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Here’s to another year of great technology videos.

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Matt is the presenter and editor of all the videos on TechTech TV.

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